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Basic Bee Lip Balm

Basic Bee Lip Balm



Shae Butter and Coconut Oil nourish and moisturize the lips while Athenabee Honey and Oat Protein Extract give this soft lip balm its subtle scent. While many lip balms are firmer and waxy in texture, all of ours are silky smooth and absorb into the lips to add moisture and help protect the thin dermal layers there. Shae works to help protect from harmful rays from the sun while Athenabee Beeswax works to protect from other elements such as wind and cold. This special Basic Bee Lip Balm is mildly scented of only Athenabee Honey, sweet!
Smooth onto dry and cracked lips throughout the day to moisturize and protect.
Virgin Coconut Oil, Shae Butter, Beeswax, Athenabee Honey.

0.15 oz. | 4.3 g.

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