Badger Shave Brush



This traditional synthetic badger shave brush works well with just about any shave soap, gel, or cream to create a rich, lather for a luxurious shaving experience. Since it’s cruelty-free and vegan, we can bring our shave brushes to you at a much lower cost than other traditional brushes. The softness of the bristles whip up to create an exceptional foam for shaving, each and every time. With a firm backbone and natural white pine base, this is the perfect addition to any man’s grooming essentials.
Thoroughly wet bristles with hot water and work over a shave bar, cream, or gel in a circular motion until bubbles become a thick foam – this usually takes a few minutes, enjoy this part of your shaving ritual. Once desired foam is achieved, apply as needed and shave. Rinse thoroughly with cold water, using your fingers to separate the bristles to remove all traces of soap. Squeeze excess water and let stand to fully try.

We promise to dedicate all of our knowledge, honesty, and transparency to you, our wonderful patrons and supporters, in all that we do. At the core of our company, we believe that you and you alone are in control of your body and what goes on and in it. Therefore, we go to great lengths to make sure the ingredients that make up our products are ethically sourced, harvested, and exchanged to the best of our ability. Additionally, each product is carefully crafted with the utmost care and each and every single ingredient is always listed. We are always involved in each step of the processes and procedures carried out to bring you the best end product we can formulate. We’re tired of misleading labeling practices, lack of transparency, and lack of accessibility in the skincare industries so we do the best we can to break down those barriers.

We’re ready to go back to the basics, are you?


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