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Silicone Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad

Silicone Facial Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad



Made with 100% high quality silicone, this facial exfoliant and scrubbing pad cleanses the pores of dirt, clogs, and other impurities. Can be used with any skin type. Improve blood circulation to the face with gentle cleansing and exfoliation. Food-grade quality silicone dries quickly, is extremely hygienic compared to other brushes or facial exfoliants, and never leaves a residue.
Wet face with warm water and apply cleanser. Gripping the round handle on the back of your Silicone Pad between two fingers, gently exfoliate and scrub the face in circular motions. Rinse Silicone Pad with hot water after cleansing and allow to dry between uses.


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